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Chaoxiang Liu
Highest Education:
1799 Jimei Road, Xiamen
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Education and Appointments:
?1999/05---2003/06,  Dept. of Environ. Sci. and Eng., Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, PH.D. in Environmental Science & Engineering.
?1996/09---1999/04, Dept. of Environ. and Civil Eng., Xi’an University of Architecture &Technology, Xi’an, China, Master of Science in Environmental Engineering.
?1992/09---1996/07,  Dept. of Environ. and Civil Eng., Xi’an University of Architecture &Technology, Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering (Awarded with outstanding graduating student).
Professional History:
?2008/10 ---present: Professor, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy Sciences.
?2007/05 --- 2008/09, Research Fellow, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan .
?2004/04--- 2007/04, Postdoctoral fellowship, Institute for Recycling and Environmental Control System, Fukuoka University, Japan.
?2003/08 --- 2004/04, Lecturer, Department of Ecological Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan.
Main academic contributions:
Research Interest:
Wastewater ecological/biological treatment and reclamation technologies
Selected Publications:
1.Chaoxang Liu, Kaiqin Xu, Yuhei Inamori et al, Pilot-scale studies of domestic wastewater treatment by typical constructed wetlands and their greenhouse gas emissions, Front. Environ. Sci. Engin. China (In Press).
2.Chao-Xiang Liu, Katsuyuki Nakano, Eiko Obuchi, Tetsuro Oike, Nobuyoshi Yukihira, Deanna C. Hurum, and Kimberly A. Gray, Photocatalytic Decomposition of Formaldehyde Using Titania Coated Lime Tile, Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies, 2007 10(1): 11-16.
3.Jian Zhang, Xia Huang, Chao-Xiang Liu, et al, Nitrogen removal enhanced by intermittent operation in a subsurface wastewater infiltration system, Ecological Engineering, 2005 25, 419-428
4.Chao-Xiang Liu, Hu Hong-Ying, Huang Xia, Shi Hang-chang, Qian Yi and Koichi Fujie, Performance of a Combined Constructed Wetland System for Treating Village Sewage in Lake Dianchi, Journal of Water and Environment Technology, 2004 2(2), 49-56.
5.Chao-Xang Liu, Hu Hong-ying, Zhang Jian, Huang Xia, Qian Yi, et al, Rural Sewage Treatment Performance of Constructed Wetlands with Different Depths, Chinese Journal of Environmental Science (in Chinese), 2003, 24(5), 92-96.
6.Chao-Xang Liu, Hu Hong-ying, Huang Xia, Qian Yi, et al, Performance of Pollutants Removal and Flow Pattern of Constructed Wetland System (in Chinese), China Water & Wastewater, 2003, 19(13), 13-16.
7.Chao-Xang Liu,Dong Chun-hong, Hu Hong-Ying,Huang Xia, Qian Yi et al. Study on Ability of Nitrification in a Subsurface Constructed Wetland System Treating Sewage (in Chinese), Chinese Journal of Environmental Science, 2003, 24(1), 80-83.
8.Chao-Xang Liu, Hu Hong-ying, Huang Xia, Shi Han-chang, Qian Yi.. Design for Ecological Treatment System of Rural Sewage in the Dianchi Valley (in Chinese), CHINA WATER & WASTEWATER, 2003, 19(2), 93-94.
9.Chao-Xang Liu, Hu Hong-ying, Zhang Jian, Huang Xia, Qian Yi, et al, Use of new type constructed wetland for treatment of low strength rural sewage(in Chinese). China Water & Wastewater, 2002, 18(7), 1-4.
10.Chao-Xang Liu, Hu Hong-ying, Zhang Jian, Huang Xia, Qian Yi, et al, Comparison Between the Free Water and Subsurface Flow Type Constructed Wetlands for Rural Sewage Treatment in Chinese), China Water & Wastewater,2002, 18(11),5-8.
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