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Yin Ren
Highest Education:
1799 Jimei Road, Xiamen
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Education and Appointments:

Bachelor Degree: Nanjing Forestry University, major in environmental science, 1998-2002.
Master Degree: Nanjing Forestry University, major in urban ecology, 2002-2005.
Ph.D: Nanjing Forestry University, major in forest ecology, 2005-2008.
Post Doctor: Institute of Urban Environment Chinese Academy of Sciences, major in urban ecology, 2008-2011.
Visiting Scholar: Purdue University, major in carbon sequestration up-scaling process, 2014-2015

Main academic contributions:
Research Interest:
Urban ecology and landscape ecology, Forest ecology and forest carbon sink
Selected Publications:

[1] Yin Ren, Xiaohua Wei, Li Zhang, Shenghui Cui*, Feng Chen, Yongzhu Xiong, Pingping Xie. 2011. Potential for Forest Vegetation Carbon Storage in Fujian Province, China, Determined from Forest Inventories. Plant and Soil, 345(1):125-140.
[2] Yin Ren, Danyin Wang, Darui Wang, Feng Chen*.2011.Designing a Green-space Network with Geospatial Technology for Lijiang City. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology,18(6):503-508.
[3] Yin Ren, Jing Yan, Xiaohua Wei, Yajun Wang, Yusheng Yang, Lizhong Hua, Yongzhu Xiong, Xiang Niu, Xiaodong Song.2012. Effects of rapid urban sprawl on urban forest carbon stocks: integrating remotely sensed, GIS and forest inventory data. Journal of Environment Management,113:447-455.
[4] Yin Ren*, Xiaohua Wei, Darui Wang, Yunjian Luo, Xiaodong Song, Yajun Wang,Yusheng Yang,Lizhong Hua. 2013. Linking landscape patterns with ecological functions: A case study examining the interaction between landscape heterogeneity and carbon stock of urban forests in Xiamen, China. Forest Ecology and Management, 293: 122–131.
[5] Yin Ren*, Luying Deng, Shudi Zuo**, Yunjian Luo, Guofan Shao, Xiaohua Wei, Lizhong Hua, Yusheng Yang. 2014. Geographical modeling of spatial interaction between human activity and forest connectivity in an urban landscape of southeast China. Landscape Ecology, 29:1741-1758.
[6] Juanjuan Zhao, Chi Zhang, Luying Deng, Yin Ren*, Jing Yan, Yunjian Luo, Shudi Zuo, Kai Zhang, Han Wang. 2015. Impact of human activities on plant species composition and vegetation coverage in the wetlands of Napahai, Shangri-La County, Yunnan Province, China. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 22:127-134.
[7] Yin Ren*, Shanshan Chen, Xiaohua Wei, Weimin Xi , Yunjian Luo, Xiaodong Song , Shudi Zuo, Yusheng Yang.2016. Disentangling the factors that contribute to variation in forest biomass increment in the mid-subtropical forests of China. Journal of Forestry Research, 27:919-930.
[8] Yin Ren*, Luying Deng, Shudi Zuo, Xiaodong Song, Yilan Liao, Chengdong Xu, Qi Chen, Lizhong Hua, Zhengwei Li. Quantifying the influences of various ecological factors on land surface temperature of urban forests. Environmental Pollution, 216:519-529.
[9] Yin Ren, Xing Wei, Xiaohua Wei, Junzhong Pan, Pingping Xie, Xiaodong Song*, Dan Peng, Jingzhu Zhao. 2011. Relationship between Vegetation Carbon Storage and Urbanization: A Case Study of Xiamen, China. Forest Ecology and Management, 261(7):1214-1223.
[10] XiaoDong Song, Brett A. Bryan, Auro C. Almeida, Keryn I. Paul, Gang Zhao, Yin Ren*. 2013.Time-dependent sensitivity of a process-based ecological model. Ecological Modelling, 265: 114-123.
[11] Juanjuan Zhao, Shengbin Chen, Bo Jiang, Yin Ren**, Hua Wang, Jonathan Vause, HaiDong Yu. 2013.Temporal trend of green space coverage in China and its relationship with urbanization over the last two decades. Science of the Total Environment ,442:455-465.

Supported Projects:

[1] Yin Ren, National Key Research and Development Plan, Research on the key technology research and integration demonstration of urban agglomeration ecological security in the Yangtze River Delta(2016YFC0502704)2016.07-2020.06. (Preside)
[2] Yin Ren, National Natural Science Foundation of China, The influence and mechanisms of the multiple factor interactions on model accuracy improvement in Chinese fir plantation carbon fixation(31670645)2017.01-2020.12. (Preside)
[3] Yin Ren, National Natural Science Foundation of China, The driving mechanisms for the space-time evolution of carbon storage in central-south subtropical forests during urbanization (31200363)2013.01-2015.12. (Preside)
[4] Yin Ren, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Scaling up of carbon fixation for Eucalyptus plantations based on ETKF-3DVAR mixed-assimilation (31470578)2015.01-2018.12. (Preside)
[5] Yin Ren, Provincial Science and Technology Project,Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Project, Research on forest carbon storage for Fujian Province(2011Y0052)2011.05-2014.04. (Preside)
[6] Yin Ren, Fujian Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China,Effects of forest structure on carbon sink in urban ecosystem: a case in Xiamen(2009J01189)2009.05-2012.04. (Preside)
[7] Yin Ren, Bureau of Science and Technology of Xiamen,Forest ecosystem services valuation in urban areas: a case in Xiamen(3502Z20092005)2009. 03-2011.12. (Preside)
[8] Yin Ren, Knowledge Innovation Program of CAS, The impact of landscape structure evolution of urban forest on heat island effect (Y2L0331D50)2012.08-2014.07.(Participate)
[9] Yin Ren, National Forestry Public Welfare Industry Research Project, Technology of Biodiversity Conservation and Reproduction of Subtropical Wild Ornamental Plants (201204604),2012.01-2014.12. (Preside)
[10] Yin Ren, National Forestry Public Welfare Industry Research Project, Study on carbon storage enhancement technology and potential carbon storage evaluation for subtropical evergreen broad-leaved secondary forests (201304205) 2013.01-2015.12. (Preside)