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Environment Microbial-Electrochemistry, Wastewater Treatment +86-592-6190766 fzhao@iue.ac.cn
Environmental planning and management of sustainable city
+86-592-6190999 jzhao@rcees.ac.cn

The study of regional planning and sustainable development, the application of GIS in agricultural development and urban ecological security

+86-592-6190998 qjzhao@iue.ac.cn

Membrane separation materials and technology, high efficiency adsorption material and technology, advanced oxidation technology, electrochemical water treatment technology, rapid detection of pollutants, etc.

+86-592-6190785 ymzheng@iue.ac.cn

My work focuses on environmental biotechnology and biological processes of waste treatment. My research interests include physiological ecology and molecular ecology of anaerobic bio-treatment system, bio-treatment process of high strength and hard-degraded organic industrial wastewater, R&D of novel wastewater treatment technique and equipment, biohydrogen production technology, Bioelectrochemical stimulated technology for recalcitrant compounds biodegradation, Organic wastes (excess sludge, waste biomass, etc.) cascade utilization to recover bioresources and/or bioenergy.

+86-592-6190790 gfzhu@iue.ac.cn

Soil-plant interactions,rhizosphere,contaminant ecology,soil biology

+86-592-6190997 ygzhu@iue.ac.cn
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