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YU Guangwei
Highest Education:
1799 Jimei Road, Xiamen
Zip Code:

Education and Appointments:

1997-2001: B.S, Northeastern University, Shenyang, P. R. China
2001-2005: M.S & D.S, Northeastern University, Shenyang, P. R. China
2005-2014: Professorate Senior Engineer; Shougang Iron&Steel Group, Beijing
March, 2014-Present: Associate Professor, Institute of Urban Environment, CAS

Main academic contributions:
Research Interest:
Solid waste treatment and resource utilization; Pollution control; Green energy and new carbon materials; Energy conservation and circular economy etc.
Selected Publications:

1. Shengyu Xie, Guangwei Yu*, Ruqing Jiang, Jianli Ma, Xiaofu Shang, Gang Wang, Yin Wang, Yongan Yang, Chunxing Li. Moderate sewage sludge biochar application on alkaline soil for corn growth: a field study , Biochar,2021, DOI :10.1007/s42773-021-00085-3
2. Chunxing Li, Shengyu Xie, Futian You, Xinyu Zhu, Jie Li, Xinhai Xu, Guangwei Yu,Yin Wang*,Irini Angelidaki. Heavy metal stabilization and improved biochar generation via pyrolysis of hydrothermally treated sewage sludge with antibiotic mycelial residue, Waste Management, 119 (2021) 152-161
3. Jie Li, Lanjia Pan, Guangwei Yu*, Chunxing Li, Shengyu Xie, Yin Wang. Synthesis of an easily recyclable and safe adsorbent from sludge pyrochar for ciprofloxacin adsorption, Environmental Research, 192 (2021) 110258
4. Shengyu Xie, Guangwei Yu*, Jianli Ma, Gang Wang, Qichuan Wang, Futian You, Jie Li, Yin Wang, Chunxing Li. Chemical speciation and distribution of potentially toxic elements in soilless cultivation of cucumber with sewage sludge biochar addition[J],Environmental Research,191 (2020) 110188
5. Shengyu Xie, Guangwei Yu*, Chunxing Li, Jie Li, Gang Wang, Shaoqing Dai, Yin Wang. Treatment of high-ash industrial sludge for producing improved char with low heavy metal toxicity, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 150 (2020) 104866
6. Pamphile Ndagijimana, Xuejiao Liu, Zhiwei Li, Guangwei Yu*, Yin Wang*. The synthesis strategy to enhance the performance and cyclic utilization of granulated activated carbon-based sorbent for bisphenol A and triclosan removal,Environmental Science and Pollution Research,doi.org/10.1007/s11356-020-08095-7
7. Jie Li, Guangwei Yu*, Lanjia Pan, Chunxing Li, Futian You, Yin Wang. Ciprofloxacin adsorption by biochar derived from co-pyrolysis of sewage sludge and bamboo waste. Environmental Science and Pollution Research,https://doi.org/10.1007/s11356-020-08333-y
8. Zhan Chen, Guangwei Yu, Xiaoyan Zou, Yin Wang*, Co-disposal of incineration fly ash and sewage sludge via hydrothermal treatment combined with pyrolysis: Cl removal and PCDD/F detoxification,Chemosphere, 260 (2020) 127632
9. Zhan Chen, Guangwei Yu, Yin Wang*, Xingdong Wang. Fate of heavy metals during co-disposal of municipal solid waste incineration fly ash and sewage sludge by hydrothermal coupling pyrolysis process. Waste Management, 109 (2020) 28-37
10. Chunxing Li, Jie Li, Lanjia Pan, Xinyu Zhu, Shengyu Xie, Guangwei Yu, Yin Wang*, Xiaofang Pan, Gefu Zhu, Irini Angelidaki, Treatment of digestate residues for energy recovery and biochar production: from lab to pilot-scale verification, Journal of Cleaner Production ,265 (2020) 121852
11. Chunxing Li, Shengyu Xie, Yin Wang*, Guangwei Yu, Zhang, Y. Simultaneous heavy metal immobilization and antibiotics removal during synergetic treatment of sewage sludge and pig manure,Environmental Science and Pollution Research,2020, 27(24): 30323-30332
12. Zhan Chen, Guangwei Yu, Yin Wang,* Xuejiao Liu, Xingdong Wang. Research on synergistically hydrothermal treatment of MSW incineration fly ash and sewage sludge.[J] Waste management, 2019, 100, 182-190
13. Pamphile Ndagijimana, Xuejiao Liu, Zhiwei Li, Guangwei Yu?, Yin Wang?. Optimized synthesis of a core-shell structure activated carbon and its adsorption performance for Bisphenol A. [J]. Science of the Total Environment, 689 (2019) 457-468
14. Jie Li#, Lanjia Pan#, Guangwei Yu*, Chunxing Li , Dengguo Lai, Shengyu Xie, Zhiwei Li, Yin Wang. The synthesis of heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst using sewage sludge biochar and its application for ciprofloxacin degradation[J]. Science of the Total Environment, 654 (2019) 1284–1292
15. Pamphile Ndagijimana, Xuejiao Liu, Guangwei Yu*, Yin Wang?, Synthesis of a novel core-shell-structure activated carbon material and its application in sulfamethoxazole adsorption[J].Journal of Hazardous Materials ,368 (2019) 602-612
16. Futian You, Guangwei Yu*, Zhenjiao Xing, Jie Li, Shengyu Xie, Gang Wang, Hongyun Ren, Yin Wang*. Enhancement of the NO catalytic oxidation activity of activated carbon at room temperature by nitric acid hydrothermal treatment[J]. Applied Surface Science, 471 (2019) 633-644
17. Shengyu Xie, Guangwei Yu*, Chunxing Li, Futian You, Jie Li, Renqiang Tian, Gang Wang, Yin Wang*.Dewaterability enhancement and heavy metals immobilization by pig manure biochar addition during hydrothermal treatment of sewage sludge[J]. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, (2019) 26:16537-16547
18. Xingdong Wang, Chunxing Li, Zhiwei Li, Guangwei Yu, Yin Wang*, Effect of pyrolysis temperature on characteristics, chemical speciation and risk evaluation of heavy metals in biochar derived from textile dyeing sludge[J]. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 168 (2019) 45–52
19. Renqiang Tian, Chunxing Li, Shengyu Xie, Futian You,Zhihong Cao,Zhihong Xu,Guangwei Yu, Yin Wang*. Preparation of biochar via pyrolysis at laboratory and pilot scales to remove antibiotics and immobilize heavy metals in livestock feces[J].Journal of Soils and Sediments, 2019, 19(7): 2891-2902
20. Guangwei Yu*, Shengyu Xie, Jianli Ma, Xiaofu Shang,Yin Wang, Cheng Yu, Futian You, XiaodaTang, Héctor U. Levatti, Lanjia Pan, Jie Li and Chunxing Li. Influence of Sewage Sludge Biochar on the Microbial Environment, Chinese Cabbage Growth, and Heavy Metals Availability of Soil[M].BIOCHAR- AN IMPERATIVE AMENDMENT FOR SOIL AND THE ENVIRONMENT, ISBN:978-953-51-6774-7,2018
21. Jie Li, Guangwei Yu*, Lanjia Pan, Chunxing Li, Futian You, ShengyuXie, Yin Wang*. Study of CIP removal by biochar obtained from used tea leaves[J]. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 73(2018),20-30
22. JieLi#, Guangwei Yu# *, Shengyu Xie, Lanjia Pan, Chunxing Li, Futian You, Yin Wang*. Immobilization of heavy metals in ceramsite produced from sewage sludge biochar[J].Scicence of the Total Environment, 2018, 131-140
23. Lanjia Pan, Jie Li, Chunxing Li, Xiaoda Tang, Guangwei Yu, Yin Wang?, Study of cipro?oxacin biodegradation by a Thermus sp. isolated from pharmaceutical sludge[J]. Journal of Hazardous Materials ,343 (2018) 59-67
24. Chunxing Li, Xingdong Wang, Guangyi Zhang, Jie Li, Zhiwei Li, Guangwei Yu, Yin Wang*, A process combining hydrothermal pretreatment, anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis for sewage sludge dewatering and co-production of biogas and biochar: Pilot-scale verification[J], Bioresource Technology ,254 (2018) 187-193
25. Futian You,Guangwei Yu*, Yin Wang*, Zhenjiao Xing, Xuejiao Liu, Jie Li. Study of nitric oxide catalytic oxidation on manganese oxides-loaded activated carbon at low temperature[J]. Applied Surface Science, 2017, 413: 387-397
26. Jie Li, Guangwei Yu*, Lanjia Pan, Chunxing Li, ShengyuXie, Gang Wang, Yin Wang*. Ceramsite preparation from sea sludge with sewage sludge biochar and its environmental risk assessment[C]. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 2017
27. Lanjia Pan, Xiaoda Tang, ChunxingLi, Guangwei Yu, Yin Wang*. Biodegradation of sulfamethazine by an isolated thermophile-Geobacillus sp. S-07[J].World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2017, 33(5): 85
28. Chunxing Li, Xingdong Wang, Guangyi Zhang*, Guangwei Yu, Jingjiang Lin, Yin Wang*. Hydrothermal and alkaline hydrothermal pretreatments plus anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge for dewatering and biogas production: Bench-scale research and pilot-scale verification[J]. Water Research, 2017, 117: 49-57
29. Guangwei Yu, Yin Wang*, Xiang Zhang, Xiaoda Tang, Jie Li, Zhen Yu, Xingdong Wang, Futian You. Influence of Sludge and Sludge Biochar on the Transfer of Available Heavy Metals in Soil[J]. Journal of Solid Waste Technology & Management, 2016, 42(1):814-823
30. Guangwei Yu*. A New Method for Processing Waste Plastics by traditional coking process[C]. The 3rd international conference on final sinks, Taibei, TaiWan, Aug.23-26,2015,Poster
31. 谢胜禹, 余广炜*,李杰,尤甫天,汪刚,汪印,马建立,商晓甫污泥水热联合热解处理对固相产物中重金属的影响[J]. 环境工程学报, 2018, 12(7): 2114-2122
32. 谢胜禹,余广炜*,潘兰佳,李杰,汪刚,尤甫天,李春星,汪印,王其传. 添加生物炭对猪粪好氧堆肥的影响[J].农业环境科学学报,2019, 38(6): 1365-1372. 3
3. 汪刚, 余广炜*, 谢胜禹, 江汝清, 汪印.添加不同塑料与污泥混合热解对生物炭中重金属的影响[J].燃料化学学报,2019, 47 (05): 611-620
34. 李杰, 潘兰佳,余广炜*,汪印, 尤甫天,谢胜禹.污泥生物炭制备吸附陶粒[J].环境科学, 2017,38(9): 3970-3978
35. 李杰, 潘兰佳,余广炜*,尤甫天,谢胜禹,汪印. 抗生素热解特性及动力学分析[J].环境工程学报, 2017,9, 5213-5219
36. 王兴栋,张斌,余广炜,童科宪,林景江,汪印*等.不同粒径污泥热解制备生物炭及其特性分析[J],化工学报,2016,67(11): 4808-4816

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