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Lili Wei
Highest Education:
1799 Jimei Rd Xiamen
Zip Code:

Education and Appointments:

1. Ecological functions of coastal wetland
2. Nutrient exchange in plant-AMF-soil system
3. Application of stable isotope technique and functional trait method into Ecology

Main academic contributions:

Jonathan Peereman. Study of the extent and structure of mangrove vegetation and Spartina alterni-ora Loisel. Marshes in the Jiulong estuary (China).
Master — Associate Advisor, (Principal advisors: Prof. Farid Dahdouh-Guebas)
Changyi Lu   Master — Principal Advisor
Tongtong Zhou   Master — Principal Advisor

Research Interest:
Wetland Ecology,Plant functional ecology,Stable isotope ecology
Selected Publications:

1. Lili Wei, Chengrong Chen, Zhihong Xu, Torgny N?sholm (2013) Direct uptake and rapid decrease of organic nitrogen by Wollemia nobilis. Biology and fertility of soils, 49: 1247-125.

2. Lili Wei, Chengrong Chen, Zhihong Xu (2010) Citric acid enhances organic phosphorus mobilization in subtropical and tropical forest soils. Biology and Fertility of Soils, 46: 765-769.

3. Lili Wei, Chengrong Chen, Zhihong Xu (2009) The effect of low-molecular-weight organic acids and inorganic phosphorus concentration on the determination of soil phosphorus by the molybdenum blue reaction. Biology and Fertility of Soils, 45:775-779.

4. Lili Wei, David A. Lockington, Seng-Chee Poh, Massimo Gasparon, Catherine E. Lovelock (2013) Water use patterns of estuarine vegetation in a tidal creek system. Oecologia, 172: 485-494.

5. Patrick Ndayambaje, Lili Wei*, Tingfeng Zhang, Yuhong Li, Lin Liu, Xu Huang, Chaoxiang Liu. Niche separation and weak interaction in saltmarsh-mangrove ecotones. Ecology and Evolution.

6. Lili Wei, Shuh-Ji Kao, Chaoxiang Liu (2020) Mangrove species maintains constant nutrient resorption efficiency under eutrophic conditions. Journal of Tropical Ecology, 36 (1): 36-38.

7. Lili Wei, Miroslav Vosátka, Bangping Cai, Jing Ding, Changyi Lu, Jinghua Xu, Wenfei Yan, Yuhong Li, Chaoxiang Liu (2019) The differential roles of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi in the decomposition of fresh residue and soil organic carbon: A mini-review. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 83 (3): 511-517.

8. Lili Wei, Ming Yang Bee, Tongtong Zhou, Changyi Lu, Chaoxiang Liu (2017) Global patterns in nutrient resorption of mangrove plants. Scientific Reviews & Chemical Communications, 7(2): 110.

9. Lili Wei, Chengrong Chen, Shen Yu (2015) Uptake of organic nitrogen and preference for inorganic nitrogen by two Australian native Araucariaceae species. Plant Ecology & Diversity, 8(2): 259-264.

10. Lili Wei, David A. Lockington, Shen Yu, Catherine E. Lovelock (2015) Nitrogen sharing and water source partitioning co-occur in estuarine wetlands. Functional Plant Biology, 42(4): 410-417.

11. Lili Wei, Chongling Yan, Xiaoyin Guo (2010) Underwater photosynthesis and indirect use of HCO3- by completely submerged leaves of mangrove species Aegiceras corniculatum. In: Mangroves: Ecology, Biology and Taxonomy. James N. Metras Editor. Nova Science Publishers Inc., Hauppauge, New York.

12. Lili Wei, Chongling Yan, Xixaoyin Guo, Binbin Ye (2008) Variation in the δ13C of two mangrove plants is correlated with stomatal response to salinity. Journal of plant growth regulation 27 (3): 263-269.

13. Lili Wei, Chongling Yan, Binbin Ye, Xiaoying Guo (2008) Effects of salinity on leaf δ13C in three dominant mangrove species along salinity gradients in an estuarine wetland, Southeast China. Journal of Coastal Research, 24(1): 267-272

14. Lili Wei, Chongling Yan, Guirong Wu, Xiaoying Guo, Binbin Ye (2008) Variation of δ13C in Aegiceras corniculatum seedling induced by cadmium application. Ecotoxicology 17(6): 480

Supported Projects:

1. Plasticity of nutrient conservation strategies in response to nutrient enrichment: a case study on mangrove plant (2016-2019) NSFC General Projects (31570400).
2. The mechanisms of the regulation of rhizospheric soil macro-nutrients by application of exogenous microbes (2014-2019) the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
3. Trait-based tests of plasticity of plant nutrient-conservation strategies in response to nutrient enrichment in estuarine wetland ecosystems (2014-2015) State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science, Xiamen University.