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Chunming Li
Highest Education:
NO. 1799 Jimei Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, 361021, Fujian, P.R. China
Zip Code:

Education and Appointments:

2012  Ph.D. & M.S., Chinese Academy of Sciences    Environmental Economics and Environmental Management
2007  B.S., Beijing Forestry University     Environmental Science

Main academic contributions:
Research Interest:
Environmental Informatics, Environmental Planning and Management
Selected Publications:

1. Chunming Li, Yin Liu, Muki Haklay. Participatory soundscape sensing. Landsc. Urban Plan., 173:64-69, 2018.
2. Chunming Li, Hui Zhang, Muki Haklay. The application of citizen science in European and America eco-environmental research and management. Acta Ecological Sinica, 6, 2018. (in Chinese)
3. Chunming Li, Dong Wei, Jonathan Vause, et al. Towards a societal scale environmental sensing network with public participation. Int. J. Sustain. Dev. World Ecol., 20(3):261-266, 2013.
4. Chunming Li, Yajun Wang, Rencai Dong, et al. A Study of the Temporal-spatial Behavior of Tourists Based on Georeferenced Photos. Tourism Tribune, 28(10): 30-36, 2013. (in Chinese)
5. Chunming Li, Rencai Dong, Jingzhu Zhao. Study on environmental noise monitoring by smart phone platform. Journal of Safety and Environment, 12(2): 115-118, 2012. (in Chinese)
6. Chunming Li, Yang Zhao, Xiaoze Sun, et al. Photography-based analysis of tourists’ temporal-spatial behaviour in the Old Town of Lijiang . Int. J. Sustain. Dev. World Ecol., 18(6):523-529, 2011.
7. Chunming Li, Xiaoze Sun, Rencai Dong, et al. Decision-making Mechanism and Effectiveness Analysis for Environmental Management:A Case Study at Lige Village near Lugu Lake. Environmental Science & Technology, 33(8): 196-199, 2010. (in Chinese)

Supported Projects:

1. Fujian Science and Technology Projects 2016Y0081. Study on the key technologies of urban air pollution monitoring based on sensor array. Role: PI. 2016-2019.
2. National Natural Science Foundation of China. 41301577. Study on spatial-temporal characteristics, evaluation model and optimization strategies of urban soundscape based on participatory sensing. Role: PI. 2013-2016.
3. Young Talents Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences. IUEQN201303. Study on the key technologies of mobile sensing for urban environmental quality. Role: PI. 2013-2016.
4. Scientific Research Equipment Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences. YZ201304. On line detector platform for indoor environmental quality. Role: PI. 2013-2015.