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Youwei Hong
Highest Education:
1799 Jimei Road, Xiamen 361021, China
Zip Code:

Education and Appointments:

1998.9-2002.6 B.S. Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU)
2002.9-2005.6 M.S. (Advised by Prof. Yushan Zheng), FAFU
2005.9-2008.12 Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences (Advised by Prof. Dongxing Yuan), Xiamen University

2009.02-2013.12, Assistant professor, Research Center for Urban Ecological Health and Environmental Safety, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IUE,CAS)
2014.01-2015.09, Assistant professor, Research Center of Urban Pollution Control and Restoration, IUE,CAS
2015.09- present, Associate professor, Research Center of Urban Pollution Control and Restoration, IUE,CAS

2014.04-2015.04, a visiting scholar at University of California Riverside, USA
2014.08-2015.08, a member of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)
2016.04-2017.04 a member of the European Geosciences Union (EGU)
2018.07- present, a member of Center for Excellence in Regional Atmospheric Environment, CAS
2018.08-2018.09, a visiting scholar at the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), Germany

Main academic contributions:
Research Interest:
Atmospheric photochemical pollution; Secondary organic aerosols (SOA); Source apportionments of PM2.5 and O3
Selected Publications:

1. Hu, B., Duan, J., Hong, Y., et al., Exploration of the atmospheric chemistry of nitrous acid in a coastal city of southeastern China: Results from measurements across four seasons, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., https://doi.org/10.5194/acp-2020-880.
2. Liu T., Hu B., Xu X., Hong Y.*, et al., Characteristics of PM2.5-bound secondary organic aerosol tracers in a coastal city in Southeastern China: seasonal patterns and pollution identification. Atmospheric Environment,2020.237,117710
3. Liu T., Hu B., Yang Y., Li M., Hong Y.*, et al., Characteristics and source apportionment of PM2.5 on an island in Southeast China: Impact of sea-salt and monsoon , Atmospheric Research, 2020, 235: 0-104786.
4. Hu, B., Liu, T., Hong, Y.*, et al., Characteristics of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) in a coastal city of southeastern China: Photochemical mechanism and pollution process. Science of the total environment 2020,719, 137493-137493
5. Hong, Z., Zhang, H., Zhang, Y., Xu, L., Liu, T., Xiao, H., Hong Y.*, et al., Secondary organic aerosol of PM2.5 in a mountainous forest area in southeastern China: Molecular compositions and tracers implication. Science of the Total Environment 2019. 653, 496-503.
6. Hu BY, Liu TT., Yang YX, Chen, J., Xu, L., Hong, Z., Chen, X., Hong Y.*, Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Surface Ozone in a Coastal Island of Southeast China: Influence of Sea-land Breezes and Regional Transport. Aerosol and Air Quality Research 2019, 19, 1734-1748
7. Hu, B., Xu, H., Hong, Y.*, et al. Characteristics and Source Apportionment of Volatile Organic Compounds for Different Functional Zones in a Coastal City of Southeast China. Aerosol and Air Quality Research 2018, 18, 2840-2852.
8. Chen, Y., Du, W., Chen, J., Hong, Y.*, et al. Chemical composition, structural properties, and source apportionment of organic macromolecules in atmospheric PM10 in a coastal city of Southeast China. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2017, 24, 5877-5887.
9. Hong, Y., Chen, J., Deng, J., et al. Pattern of atmospheric mercury speciation during episodes of elevated PM2.5 levels in a coastal city in the Yangtze River Delta, China. Environmental Pollution 2016,218, 259-268.
10. Lao, W., Hong, Y., Tsukada, D., Maruya, K.A., Gan, J., A New Film-Based Passive Sampler for Moderately Hydrophobic Organic Compounds. Environmental Science & Technology 2016,50, 13470-13476.

Supported Projects:

1. Sub-project of the National Basic Research Priorities Program of China,“Observational studies and integrated application of air supersite in coastal areas of Ningbo” (No. 2016YFC0200501), 07/2016-11/2020. Principal Investigator
2. Sub-project of International Cooperation and Exchanges, “Marine atmospheric Science Unravelled: Desorption electrospray ionization - Tof of flight- Mass spectrometer (DESI-Tof-MS) development and application” (No. 2016YFE0112200), 12/2016-11/2020. Principal Investigator
3. The foreign cooperation project of Fujian Province “Characteristics and sources of PM2.5 and O3 in coastal cities of Southeast China” (No. 2020I0101), 08/2020-07/2023. Principal Investigator
4. The FJIRSM&IUE Joint Research Fund (RHZX-2019-006) “Portable high Performance Sensor for Real-time Detection of Nitric Oxide and Ozone” 01/2020-12/2022. Principal Investigator
5. Center for Excellence in Regional Atmospheric Environment project (E0L1B20201) “Distribution and sources of HONO in coastal cities of Southeast China” 01/2020-12/2022. Principal Investigator
6. Foundation of Ningde and Xiamen City in Fujian Province, China “Pollution characteristics and sources identification of ozone in the cities of Southeast China” 01/2020-06/2021. Principal Investigator