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Zhi-Hua Yuan
Highest Education:
1799 Jimei Road, Xiamen
Zip Code:

Education and Appointments:

2019.01–Present, Associate Professor, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2018.08–2018.09, Visiting Scholar, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA.
2013.08–2018.12, Assistant Professor, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2010.09–2013.07, Ph.D. Institute of Urban Environment, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
2006.09–2009.07, M.S. Anhui University of Science and Technology
2002.09–2006.07, B.S. Henan Polytechnic University

Main academic contributions:
Research Interest:
Industrial wastewater treatment; Zero liquid discharge for high salinity wastewater; Membrane distillation
Selected Publications:

1. Z. Yuan, X. Cheng, L. Zhong, R. Wu, Y. Zheng. Preparation, characterization and performance of an electrospun carbon nanofiber mat applied in hexavalent chromium removal from aqueous solution. J. Environ. Sci. 77(2019) 75-84.
2. L.-L. Min, L.M.Yang, R.-X.Wu, L.-B. Zhong, Z.-H. Yuan, Y.-M. Zheng. Enhanced adsorption of arsenite from aqueous solution by an iron-doped electrospun chitosan nanofiber mat: Preparation, characterization and performance. J. Colloid Interf. Sci. 535(2019) 255-264.
3. S.-F. Pan, Y.c. Dong, Y.-M. Zheng, L.-B. Zhong, Z.-H.Yuan. Self-sustained hydrophilic nanofiber thin film composite forward osmosis membranes: Preparation, characterization and application for simulated antibiotic wastewater treatment. J. Memb. Sci. 523 (2017) 205-215.
4. Z.-H. Yuan, X. Yang, A. Hu, Y.-M. Zheng, C.-P. Yu, Assessment of the fate of silver nanoparticles in the A2O-MBR system, Sci. Total Environ., 544 (2016) 901-907.
5. Z.-H. Yuan, X. Yang, A. Hu, C.-P. Yu, Long-term impacts of silver nanoparticles in an anaerobic–anoxic–oxic membrane bioreactor system, Chem. Eng. J., 276 (2015) 83–90.
6. L.-L. Min, Z.-H. Yuan, L.-B. Zhong, Q. Liu, R.-X. Wu, Y.-M. Zheng, Preparation of chitosan based electrospun nanofiber membrane and its adsorptive removal of arsenate from aqueous solution, Chem. Eng. J., 267 (2015) 132-141.
7. S.-F. Pan, M.-P. Zhu, J.P. Chen, Z.-H. Yuan, L.-B. Zhong, Y.-M. Zheng, Separation of tetracycline from wastewater using forward osmosis process with thin film composite membrane – Implications for antibiotics recovery, Sep. Purif. Technol., 153 (2015) 76-83.
8. Z. H. Yuan, J.W. Li, L. Cui, B. Xu, H.w. Zhang, C.P. Yu, Interaction of silver nanoparticles with pure nitrifying bacteria, Chemosphere, 90 (2013) 1404–1411.
9. Z. Yuan, Y. Chen, T. Li, C.-P. Yu, Reaction of silver nanoparticles in the disinfection process, Chemosphere, 93 (2013) 619–625.

Supported Projects:

1. Research on Process and Equipment of Desulfurization Wastewater Treatment by Membrane Distillation and crystallization in Coal-fired Power Plants. Science and Technology Planning Project of Xiamen City, China. 2017 – 2019
2. Research on Process and Equipment of Re-concentration for Desulfurization Wastewater by Using Membrane Distillation in Coal-fired Power Plants. Science and Technology Planning Project of Fujian Province, China. 2016 – 2018
3. Research on the Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on the Sewage Biological Phosphorus Removal and Its mechanism. National Natural Science Foundation of China. 2015 – 2017
4. Research on the key technology of Zero Discharge for Desulfurization Wastewater in Coal-fired Power Plants. Program of Enterprise cooperation. 2015 – 2018
5. Research on the Integrated Technology for the treatment of ship exhaust gas and ballast water. Program of Xiamen Southern Oceanographic Center. 2014 – 2017
6. Behavior and Mechanism of Silver Nanoparticles in the Process of Wastewater Treatment. Special Program for Key Basic Research of the Ministry of Science and Technology, China. 2010 – 2013