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1. Hualiang Feng; Zefang Chen; Xiaojun Wang*; Shaohua Chen; John Crittenden; Electrochemical advanced oxidation for treating ultrafiltration effluent of a landfill leachate system: Impacts of organics and inorganics and economic evaluation, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2021, 413(127492).

2. Hualiang Feng; Wenlong Mao; Yenan Li; Xiaojun Wang*; Shaohua Chen*; Characterization of dissolved organic matter during the O3-based advanced oxidation of mature landfill leachate with and without biological pre-treatment and operating cost analysis, Chemosphere, 2021, 271(129810).

3. Hualiang Feng; Xiaojun Wang*; Jiasheng Cai; Shaohua Chen*; Discrepancies in N2O emissions between household waste and its food waste and non-food waste components during the predisposal stage, Journal of Envrionmental Management, 2020, 265(110548).

4. Ruili Yang; Wenlong Mao; Xiaojun Wang*; Zhaoji Zhang; Junbin Wu; Shaohua Chen*; Response and Adaptation of Microbial Community in a CANON Reactor Exposed to an Extreme Alkaline Shock, Archaea, 2020, 2020(8888615).

5. Xiaojun Wang; Ruili Yang; Yan Guo; Zhaoji Zhang; Chih Ming Kao; Shaohua Chen*; Investigation of COD and COD/N ratio for the dominance of anammox pathway for nitrogen removal via isotope labelling technique and the relevant bacteria , Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2019, 366: 606-614.

6. Xiaojun Wang; Ruili Yang; Zhaoji Zhang; Junbin Wu; Shaohua Chen*; Mass balance and bacterial characteristics in an in-situ full-scale swine wastewater treatment system occurring anammox process, Bioresource Technology, 2019, 292(122005).

7. Ruili Yang; Xiaojun Wang*; Yan Guo; Zhaoji Zhang; Shaohua Chen*; Evaluation of anammox pathway recovery after high COD loading using water quality, molecular biology and isotope labelling analysis, Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, 2019, 43: 625-636.

8. Xiaojun Wang; Chengsong Ye; Zhaoji Zhang; Yan Guo; Ruili Yang; Shaohua Chen*; Effects of temperature shock on N2O emissions from denitrifying activated sludge and associated active bacteria, Bioresource Technology, 2018, 249: 605-611.

9. Xiaojun Wang; Songqing Pan; Zhaoji Zhang; Xiangyu Lin; Yuzhen Zhang; Shaohua Chen*; Effects of the feeding ratio of food waste on fed-batch aerobic composting and its microbial community, Bioresource Technology, 2017, 224: 397-404.

10. Xiaojun Wang; Mingsheng Jia; Chengliang Zhang; Shaohua Chen*; Zucong Cai; Leachate treatment in landfills is a significant N2O source, Science of the Total Environment, 2017, 596-597: 18-25.

11. Xiaojun Wang; Mingsheng Jia; Han Zhang; Songqing Pan; Chih Ming Kao; Shaohua Chen*; Quantifying N2O emissions and production pathways from fresh waste during the initial stage of disposal to a landfill, Waste Management, 2017, 63: 3-10.

12. Xiaojun Wang; Mingsheng Jia; Han Zhang; Songqing Pan; Chih Ming Kao; Shaohua Chen*; A comparison of CH4, N2O and CO2 emissions from three different cover types in a municipal solid waste landfill, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 2017, 67(4): 507-515.

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