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Environmental Molecular Toxicology; Chinese Medicines and Environmental Health
+86-592-6190779 sjdong@iue.ac.cn
+86-592-6190990 hhe@iue.ac.cn
The major areas are human exposure to the environmental pollutants, health effects and risk assessment. Many concerns on urban changing (urbanization) and health and wellbeing
1. Exposure Science: Human biological monitoring of micro-pollutants, esp., endocrine disrupting chemicals, food and environment monitoring, molecular exposomics, exposure biomarkers
2. Toxicology/Environmental Epidemiology: response biomarkers of pollutants, omics and systems biology, environmental epigenetic toxicology, environmental epidemiology
+86-592-6190771 hqshen@iue.ac.cn
Environmental biotechnology related, microbial ecology, biodegradation of emerging contaminants, pathogen detection, fermentative hydrogen production, microbial fuel cells, nanoparticle toxicity, environmental genomics
+86-592-6190768 cpyu@iue.ac.cn
Biological and advanced treatment of drinking water, principles of drinking water safety, health-related microbiology and molecular ecology of water environment and water treatment
+86-592-6190780 xyu@iue.ac.cn

The major research interests focus on Biogeochemical Responses of Watersheds to Human Activities (especially Urbanization). Some ongoing studies include: 
1.  Responses of environmental quality and ecological health in wetland ecosystems to urbanization;
2.  Long-term study on environmental and ecological responses of urban watersheds to urbanization;
3.  Microbial community and function of wetland ecosystems in responses to global changes.

+86-592-6190778 syu@iue.ac.cn
Developing optical sensors to detect environment pollutant;Developing optical bio-sensors to visualize the biology in vivo;Developing bio-sensors to monitor the release of drug
+86-592-6190773 hwzhang@iue.ac.cn
Bioenergy generation and Environmental Biotechnology
+86-592-6190766 fzhao@iue.ac.cn
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