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The major areas are human exposure to the environmental pollutants, health effects and risk assessment. Many concerns on urban changing (urbanization) and health and wellbeing
1. Exposure Science: Human biological monitoring of micro-pollutants, esp., endocrine disrupting chemicals, food and environment monitoring, molecular exposomics, exposure biomarkers
2. Toxicology/Environmental Epidemiology: response biomarkers of pollutants, omics and systems biology, environmental epigenetic toxicology, environmental epidemiology
+86-592-6190771 hqshen@iue.ac.cn

The standardization of urban sustainable development evaluation; Urban ecological infrastructure planning, construction and management; Urban ecological risk assessment and management; Energy efficiency evaluation.

+86-592-6190690 lyshi@iue.ac.cn

Using genomic, transcriptomic and microarray approaches to investigate the microbial diversity and functional genes involved in bio-geochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and metal elements.
Using metagenomic and high-throughput qPCR to investigate the abundance, distribution and dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes, and to discover novel antibiotic resistance genes in environment.

+86-592-6190514 jqsu@iue.ac.cn
Environmental analytical chemistry, Occurrence and fate of emerging contaminants, Degradation and transformations of contaminants +86-592-6190582 qsun@iue.ac.cn
My research focuses on how environmental factors influence the biodiversity of soil animals and explores the underlying mechanisms. +86-592-6190791 xsun@iue.ac.cn

Urban ecosystem pattern, processes and effects

Urban ecosystem planning and management

Remote sensing and GIS in digital city

+86-592-6190681 lntang@iue.ac.cn

Pyrolysis (carbonization), gasification (activation) and clean combustion of agricultural and forestry/light industry biomass wastes, sewage sludge and food waste and coal; Technologies and equipments for producing gas solid fuel, biochar-based fertilizers, multi-functional carbon materials (including activated carbon) and process steam; Equipments for thermal desorption and harmless treatment of contaminated soil and resource treatment of aquaculture solid waste; Preparation of electromagnetic shielding materials; Resource recovery of solar photovoltaic modules, etc.

+86-592-6190787 yinwang@iue.ac.cn

Environmental chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, environmental monitoring, environmental simulation

+86-592-6190776 hxiao@iue.ac.cn

Environmental microbiology, Microbial electrochemistry and the applications, Resources recovery from wastewater

+86-592-6190527 yxiao@iue.ac.cn
Aquatic/watershed ecology +86-574-86085949 yyxu@iue.ac.cn
Ecological rehabilitation of polluted urban waters, envionmental risk assessment, and urban environmental planning 
+86-592-6190785 czyan@iue.ac.cn
Freshwater ecology, protozoan biodiversity and ecology, microbial ecotoxicology, environmental monitoring and assessment
+86-592-6190775 jyang@iue.ac.cn
+86-592-6190560 xryang@iue.ac.cn

Urbanization and Global Changes, Urban Construction and Energy Usage Carbon Emission, Intensive Land use Evaluation

+86-592-6190653 hye@iue.ac.cn
Nutrient recovery from wastewater;Landfill leachate pollution control;Municipal solid waste management +86-592-6190776 zlye@iue.ac.cn
Biological and advanced treatment of drinking water, principles of drinking water safety, health-related microbiology and molecular ecology of water environment and water treatment
+86-592-6190780 xyu@iue.ac.cn

Environmental Geography: Mechanisms of environmental and ecological changes and biogeochemical adaptation in response to anthropogenic impacts

+86-592-6190778 syu@iue.ac.cn
Developing optical sensors to detect environment pollutant;Developing optical bio-sensors to visualize the biology in vivo;Developing bio-sensors to monitor the release of drug
+86-592-6190773 hwzhang@iue.ac.cn
Membrane Science & Technology, Water & Wastewater Treatment
+86-592-6190782 kszhang@iue.ac.cn
Environmental microbiology, water treatment and organic solid waste treatment process, microbial behavior characteristics in water treatment system, microbiological safety assessment and control of water quality +86-592-6190530 shzhang@iue.ac.cn
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