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Jianfeng Tang
Highest Education:
1799 Jimei Road, Xiamen
Zip Code:

Education and Appointments:

July, 2002,BSc in soil science and plant nutrition from Hunan Agricultural University, Changsha, P.R. China.
July, 2005, MSc in plant nutrition from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, P. R. China.
July, 2012, PhD in environmental science from RCEES, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Main academic contributions:
Research Interest:
Environmental organic contamination, passive sampling methods.
Selected Publications:

1. Jianfeng Tang*, Jing Sun, Wendong Wang, Lei Yang, Yaoyang Xu. Pharmaceuticals in two watersheds in Eastern China and their ecological risks. Environmental Pollution, 2021:116773.

2. Jianfeng Tang,*, Wendong Wang, Jiayong Feng, Lei Yang, Tian Ruan, Yaoyang Xu. Urban green infrastructure features influence the type and chemical composition of soil dissolved organic matter. Science of The Total Environment, 764 (2021): 144210.

3. Jianfeng Tang*, Wendong Wang, Lei Yang, Qianlinglin Qiu, Meixia Lin, Changli Cao, Xinhu Li. Seasonal variation and ecological risk assessment of dissolved organic matter in a peri-urban critical zone observatory watershed. Science of The Total Environment, 707 (2020): 136093.

4. Jianfeng Tang*, Wendong Wang, Lei Yang, Changli Cao, Xinhu Li. Variation in quantity and chemical composition of soil dissolved organic matter in a peri-urban Critical Zone Observatory watershed in Eastern China. Science of The Total Environment, 688 (2019): 622-631.

5. Jianfeng Tang*, Xinhu Li, Changli Cao, Meixia Lin, Qianlinglin Qiu, Yaoyang Xu, Yin Ren. Compositional variety of dissolved organic matter and its correlation with water quality in peri-urban and urban river watersheds. Ecological Indicators, 104 (2019) 459–469.

6. 曹昌丽,粱梦琪,何桂英,纵亚男,唐剑锋*。城镇化河流溶解性有机质的荧光特性与水质相关性:以宁波市北仑区芦江为例. 环境科学,2018 (4):1560-1567.

7. 王瑞杰,裘钱玲琳,李国祥,纵亚男,唐剑锋*,徐耀阳。宁波月湖水体中抗生素的分布与生态风险评价. 湖泊科,2018(6):1616-1624.

8. 高凤,邵美玲,曹昌丽,汪文东,易辉,唐剑锋*.城镇化流域氮、磷污染特征及影响因素——以宁波北仑区小浃江为例[J].湖泊科学,2019,31(03):689-699.

9. 高凤,邵美玲,唐剑锋*,曹昌丽,易辉.城镇流域水体-沉积物中溶解性有机质的荧光特性及影响因素:以宁波市小浃江为例[J].环境科学,2019,40(09):4009-4017.

10. 李敏,唐剑锋,赵方凯,杨磊.典型城郊土地利用格局对水体抗生素的影响研究[J].环境科学学报,2020,40(03):880-889.

Supported Projects:
National Natural Science Foundation (21307125): the exchange process and mechanism of hexabromocyclododecane at sediment-water interface (2014.1-2016.12)