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Meiping Tian
Highest Education:
1799 Jimei Road, Xiamen
Zip Code:

Education and Appointments:

2020.1-present:Associate Professor, Institute of Urban Environment, CAS Ph.D (Environmental Science), Institute of Urban environment, CAS,

2019 2018.12- 2020.01: University of Central Lancashire, Visiting scholar

2013.1- 2019.12: Assistant Professor, Institute of Urban Environment, CAS

Main academic contributions:
Research Interest:
Environmental pollutants monitoring and human exposure health risk assessment;Explore the vulnerable individuals (epi)genetic characteristics exposure to environmental pollutants
Selected Publications:

1. Meiping Tian*, Benhua Zhao, Francis L. Martin, Camilo L.M. Morais, Liangpo Liu, Qingyu Huang, Heqing Shen*. Gene-environment interactions between GSTs polymorphisms and targeted epigenetic alterations in hepatocellular carcinoma following organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) exposure. Environment International, 2020, 105313.
2. Meiping Tian, Liangpo Liu, Jie Zhang, Qingyu Huang, Heqing Shen*. Positive association of low-level environmental phthalate exposure with sperm motility was mediated by DNA methylation: A pilot study. Chemosphere, 2019, 220:459?467.
3. Meiping Tian#*, Xi Zhang#, Liangpo Liu, Heng Wang, Jie Zhang, Qingyu Huang, Heqing Shen*. Phthalate side chain structures and hydrolysis metabolism associated with their steroidogenesis effects in MLTC-1 Leydig cells. Toxicology letters, 2019, 308: 56?64.
4. Meiping Tian, Qingyu Huang, Heng Wang, Francis L Martin, Liangpo Liu, Jie Zhang, Heqing Shen*. Biphasic effects of perfluorooctanoic acid on steroidogenesis in mouse Leydig tumour cells. Reproductive Toxicology, 2019, 83:54?62.
5. Ambreen Alamdar#, Meiping Tian#, Qingyu Huang*, Xiaoyan Du, Jie Zhang, Liangpo Liu, Syed Tahir Abbas Shah, Heqing Shen*. Enhanced histone H3K9 tri-methylation suppresses steroidogenesis in rat testis chronically exposed to arsenic. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 2019, 170:513?20. (co-first author)
6. Meiping Tian, Liangpo Liu, Heng Wang, Xiaofei Wang, Francis L. Martin, Jie Zhang, Qingyu Huang, Liangpo Liu, Heqing Shen*. Phthalates Induce Androgenic Effects at Exposure Levels That Can Be Environmentally Relevant in Humans. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 2018, 5:232?236.
7. Xiaoyan Du#, Meiping Tian#, Xiaoxue Wang, Jie Zhang*, Qingyu Huang, Liangpo Liu, Heqing Shen*. Cortex and hippocampus DNA epigenetic2 response to a long-term arsenic exposure via drinking water. Environmental Pollution, 2018, 234:590?600.
8. Meiping Tian, Benhua Zhao, Jie Zhang, Francis L. Martin, Qingyu Huang, Liangpo Liu, Heqing Shen*. Association of environmental benzo[a]pyrene exposure and DNA methylation alterations in hepatocellular carcinoma: A Chinese case-control study. Science of the Total Environment, 2016, 541:1243?1252.
9. Meiping Tian, Huaqiong Bao, Francis L. Martin, Heqing Shen*. Association of DNA methylation and mitochondrial DNA copy number with human semen quality. Biology of Reproduction, 2014, 91(4):1?8.
10. Meiping Tian, Siyuan Peng, Francis L. Martin, Jie Zhang, Liangpo Liu, Zhanlin Wang, Sijiong Dong, Heqing Shen. Perfluorooctanoic acid induces genepromoter hypermethylation of glutathione-S-transferase Pi in human liver L02cells. Toxicology, 2012, 296: 48?55.

Supported Projects:

1. Studies on phthalates side-chain structure associated with male reproductive toxicity and molecular mechanism (21307126) (PI). Natural Science Foundation of China, 2014.01 – 2016.12.
2. Studies association of glutathione S-transferase epigenetic modification and carcinogen exposure in the Hepatocellular carcinoma (2017J01027) (PI). Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province, 2017.04 – 2020.04.
3. Studies in biosynthesis mechanism, metabolismpathway and health effect of arsenosugars andarsenosugar phospholipids (KLUEH-201802) (PI) .Crossing-Group Projects of KLUEH, 2018.03 – 2020.02.