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Youchi Zhang
Highest Education:
1799 Jimei Road, Xiamen
Zip Code:

Education and Appointments:

2020.01-present: Associate Professor, Institute of urban environment, CAS

Professor, Institute of urban environment, CAS

2008.04-014.12: Research assistant, Institute of urban environment, CAS

Main academic contributions:
Research Interest:
Remediation of metal pollution of soil, Resourceful utilization of organic solid waste, Development of soil conditioner, artificial soil and culture matrix
Selected Publications:

[1] Jiajun Fan, Chao Cai, Haifeng Chi, Brian J Reid, Frédéric Coulon, Youchi Zhang *, Yanwei* Hou. Remediation of cadmium and lead polluted soil using thiol-modified biochar. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2020, 388

[2] Haifeng Chi, Youchi Zhang, Paul N. Williams, Shanna Lin, Yanwei Hou, Chao Cai. In vitro model to assess arsenic bioaccessibility and speciation in cooked shrimp. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2018, 66(18): 4710-4715

[3] Bijing Xiong, Youchi Zhang, Yanwei Hou, Hans Peter H. Arp, Brain J Reid, Chao Cai?. Enhanced biodegradation of PAHs in historically contaminated soil by M. gilvum inoculated biochar. Chemosphere, 2017, 182: 316-324.

 [4] Youchi Zhang, Jiajun Fan, Minglai Fu, Yong sik Ok, Yanwei Hou, Chao Cai. Adsorption antagonism and synergy of arsenate (V) and cadmium (II) onto Fe-modified rice straw biochars. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 2019, 41: 1755-1766.

[5] Youchi Zhang#, Tingting Chen#, Yongkai Liao, Brian J. Reid, Haifeng Chi, Yanwei Hou, Chao Cai*. Modest Amendment of Sewage Sludge Biochar to Reduce the Accumulation of Cadmium into Rice(Oryza sativa L.): A Field Study, Environmental Pollution, 2016, 216: 819-825

[6] Youchi Zhang*, Huidan Li. Biological Reduction of Hydrogel Encapsulated Fe(III) by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1: Incubation Experiment and Kinetic Modeling. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 2016, 25(2): 1-8

[7] Cai Chao, Xiong Bijing, Zhang Youchi, Li XinHu, Nunes Lius*. Critical Comparison of Soil Pollution Indices for Assessing Contamination with Toxic Metals. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 2015, 226(10): 1-14

[8] Youchi Zhang*, Xiaoda Tang, Wensui Luo. Metal Removal with Two Biochars made from Municipal Organic Waste: Adsorptive Characterization and Surface Complexation Modeling, Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, 2014, 96:10, 1463-1475

[9] Youchi Zhang, Wensui Luo*. Adsorptive Removal of Heavy Metal from Acidic Wastewater with Biochar Produced from Anaerobically Digested Residues: Kinetics and Surface Complexation Modeling. Bioresources, 2014, 9(2): 2484-2499

[10] Youchi Zhang, Chaohua Hu, Wensui Luo*. Influences of Electron Donor, Bicarbonate and Sulfate on Bioreduction Processes and Manganese/Copper Redistributions among Minerals in a Water-saturated Sediment. Soil and Sediment Contamination An International Journal, 2014, 23(1): 94-106

[11] Youchi Zhang, Chaohua Hu, Wensui Luo*. Effects of pH manipulation, biological reduction and plant growth on removal of Cu2+ and Zn2+ from mine drainage using constructed wetland filled with iron-oxides-enriched soils. Clean-Soil Air Water, 2014, 42(9): 1272-1279

[12] Chaohua Hu, Youchi Zhang, Lei Zhang, Wensui Luo*. Effects of Microbial Iron Reduction and Oxidation on the Immobilization and Mobilization of Copper in Synthesized Fe(III) Minerals and Fe-Rich Soils. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2014, 24(4): 534-544

[13] Chaohua Hu, Youchi Zhang, Wensui Luo*. PCB Biodegradation and bphA1 Gene Expression Induced by Salicylic Acid and Biphenyl with Pseudomonas fluorescence P2W and Ralstonia eutropha H850. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 2014, 23(5): 1591-1598

[14] Chaohua Hu, Youchi Zhang, Wensui Luo*. Retention effects of soil humic substances on the diffusive transporation of metal ions during sediment porewater membrane dialysis sampling. Water Air and Soil Pollution, 2013, 224(6): 1-9

[15] Chao Cai, Youchi Zhang, Brian J Reid*, Luis Miguel Nunes. Carcinogenic potential of soils conteminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Xiamen metropolis, China. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 2012, 14: 3111–3117

Supported Projects:

Development and integrated demonstration of comprehensive control and re-utilization techniques of the contaminated soils of non-ferrous metal metallurgy in central China, supporting by the National Science and Technology Major Project, 2018-2023 Study on the remediation of heavy metal pollution of soil with biochar-Phosphate composites, supporting by the Science and Technology Project of Xiamen city, 2018-2021

Study on the remediation of soil contamination and demonstration of ecological reconstrucation in shale gas mining zone, supporting by the National Science and Technology Major Project, 2016-2020

Study on the recovery of nutrient from biogas slurry with sewage sludge biochar, supporting by program of international S&T Cooperation of the National Key R&D Project, 2016-2019

Study on influence mechanism of biochar on the dissimilatory biological dissolution of metal minerals in mining soils, supporting by Natural Science Foundation of China, 2014-2016